Haven't thought of a good title yet.
all of your deck design make me think, yes this person is just a little bit evil.

Yeah, well.

<ozu voice>It’s my way of expressing my love!</ozu voice> (for silly / *winning* strategies)

This moonspeak confused me and made me more hungry. Until I checked google translate.

Okay, I got some good pictures of it, it’s in the crosswalk area of one of the streets bordering the building I work at.

I didn’t look super closely for that tile, I’ll try to remember to take more time on Monday.

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you should take a post a pic of it at some point if you remember

I’ll check if it’s still there, it might already be worn out.

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whether you eat them or not, it’s win win

I did eat some, and that sounds pretty similar to my justification…

no, it wasn’t really a waste. *humorous sarcasm* is difficult to communicate through text maybe. i can’t get above 3100! so frustrating.

I also forgot a :P at the end of my last post, so the playful tone was lost, making it sound more plain.





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thanks i just wasted like an hour

If you had fun, was it really a waste?

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You guys are being too cute. Stop that.
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dweeb romance

What video, such opinions.

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some engineers are not good at life but really america has set up systems that make sure trains (and buses) never work well.

I can see how there could be incentives for certain groups if more people switch to cars, but… Cars are the worst idea ever in NYC. I feel like the public transportation would have to be basically non-existent for me to even contemplate driving to work, so I don’t see why anyone would try to make things horrible, at least in this area… I want to call Hanlon’s Razor in this one instance, but I’m interested in hearing more.