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D: Favorite Soundtrack?

  • Bastion’s was pretty great, and fit perfectly with aesthetic + everything else. Hotline Miami was also great.

F: Biggest Let down?

  • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Bioshock 2 was pretty disappointing too.

T: Best game memory?

  • Before I got to college I contacted my to-be-roommates by email, and ended up playing some TF2 with Kyle. I (medic) ubercharged him (engineer) to barely hold off the advance of the other team’s cart, securing the game. It was thrilling to just barely win, with such teamwork. I feel like I have better memories for non-electronic games, but videogame asks, so… Also I omitted memories about beating a thing and liking it, trying to think more about stuff around a game as opposed to in it.

W: Any games you regret getting rid of?

  • Maybe some old handheld games, but it’s easy to emulate so I don’t regret anymore…

X: What you’d like to change about your favorite franchise?

  • How often it is released (Half-Life 3 will come one day, I hope). It feels a little weird to say that that’s my favorite franchise, but I guess most other franchises I like I tend to think of as separate games, and the Half-Life series just does a lot of things right with regards to environmental storytelling and design.

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oh, i might have to join in on this

Go for it! We’re only two episodes in and watching one a day, plus too busy to watch any tonight or the weekend. It would be super easy to catch up / watch forward, even.

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i was really confused until i read the tags
Haha, set off in warp drive! Psssshhooooo subspace.

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You go, man!

such encouraging

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oh, old movies are always fun. i’ll have to check this out

I recommend it! If you watch, make sure to see the 1982 version, from what I’ve heard that’s the good one. Fair warning: there’s some squick there. Though I think the designs (of that squickiness) are really great.

tinyantennas said: coffee beat is my favorite too

It was sweet *and* bitter. So rad.

Remember that anime (came out somewhere around mid 90s to early 00s) about three kids trying to protect Tokyo from sudden appearances of monsters? The twist was that they had to use their own monsters to destroy them (and working with their monsters sometimes involved getting over emotional problems or getting in sync with them).

[pokemon 2000 villain voice]: I am… a collector. it began with a card, now i have [dramatic gesture] all this



well you asked if culumon will matter more, not be more interesting (yes it matters a lot, no it doesn’t really get characterized a whole lot)

But what if I meant “matter more… …to *me*(eye sparkles, drawn-out voice)” :P

all of your deck design make me think, yes this person is just a little bit evil.

Yeah, well.

<ozu voice>It’s my way of expressing my love!</ozu voice> (for silly / *winning* strategies)

This moonspeak confused me and made me more hungry. Until I checked google translate.